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Imagine that, for example, you believed in the monotheistic deity in the form presented by Moslem religion, namely Allah. You devote the correct amount of hours in your day to prayer, and you make the whole profession-of-faith thing, basically you play by the book (i am sorry, i do not exactly know the details of Moslem religion, but you understand me). Now what would be your reaction if going to the nearest mosque for your regular visit you were informed that your prayers had been packaged and swapped at interest 20% to Odin, 20% to Shiva, 20% to Make-Make and the remaining to Tupã? What would you do?

I mean, there are some things that you simply do not do! Now doesn’t this complex-financial-instruments bullshit sound remarkably like that?

I don’t want to make money sound as sacred or something, but if i have a debt to credit card company OPQ and when i go there to pay i find out that i am actually not really a client of OPQ’s, and actually the concept of “client” is démodé, that the debt is a flexible thing to which we can apply all sorts of financial wizardry, that this Nobel laureate has came up with a formula that makes everything fine, and that no matter that i do not understand the contractual relationships, no problem, just stick your money in that hole and everything will be alright, well, to put it bluntly, no, it is not all right at all!

I understand basically the complexities are supposed to be forms of insurance (passing by the name of “dividing risk”), but i do not see how that could be an excuse to take the notion of “contract” and the idea of the relationship between the enterprise and the individual and just do away with those notions. It’s madness.

And what i mean by “holy” is that, there are some things in any society that you can’t touch. Not because it is good, or divine, or transcendent. It actually most likely does not have a reason for it, you just do not play with. And it is good that this is so.

And i feel something holy has been desecrated lately…


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