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In design circles, it is boringly common to hear that “design is not art”, usually uttered by people who do not know much about art (or design, for that matter, for those people tend to be doers that refuse to think at all costs). This “is not art” thinguie, though, was at a certain point in time a very common thing to say amongst artists. That is to say, the “art is not art” slogan was a fashionable artistic expression. It turns out that an even more sophisticated form of this stance has developed: post-modernism. It consists of enforcing contradictory but good-sounding definitions and theories in such a way as to generate awe (and unhappily confusion). That is why you can never say what post-modernism is or is not. It is a fairly neat trick, too. The only bad thing is that some confuse this art-form for argumentation.


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