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And so it came to pass that the Truth of the Lesser Men was two years old. At the same time it does not seem much time, at all, and it seems like another life. Much has been done, much has been accomplished. But.

But there is so much to do still.

Back when the blog started i was living with my father, and he’s gone now. I was trying to end some projects, and they are still unfinished. I was beginning to study astrology and by now i have become reasonably good at it. I am convinced life is good, fun, though almost always boring as hell, and by and large very very easier than people make it out. More important than all the others, right now, is that i am living by my own in a different city and having my own personal adventure.

Right now, i am at Pizzani’s place, and we are brewing. He figured he was gonna do some Barley Wine stuff that has LOTS of malt and is heavy, but very cool too, it’s been lots of fun. Now we are boiling the wort, will do that for 2 hours straight.

And the blog…

Well, the blog. I had 10 “drafts” for what seems like at least 3 months now, i guess some of them were older than that. The ideas there were already stale for ever. I proposed to myself that i would finish them once and for all this week. I had a kind of a blog-writing marathon of sorts. Obviously, besides the “drafts” in there were also lots of things in the Palm and in scattered .txt files all around. I managed to take it down to 5 drafts and the .txt files are almost by half too. Those will be disclosed as the next few days go on.

But i wanted more, actually. I wanted the blog to be fitter. I wanted to have had time to make all the posts split in two (so that in the main page, if you go back some months to before i switched the theme, the four posts each page are not too big that you don’t see the links at the bottom). I wanted to have had time to fix the tags.

And also, there is another thing.

Re-reading the posts from a long long time ago i discovered they were better. I discovered some posts that i did like very very much. In fact, i fell in love with things i had written a long time ago and didn’t really remember.

On the brighter side, the new wordpress dashboard is way cool and it will make things much much easier. Basically it means i can re-tag things so that people can read what i wrote long long time ago in a somewhat comprehensible fashion. But for that to work i have to remember what the posts are about by the titles, which is not likely, so what i will do is, i will print my whole blog and be reading it while i retag things. This is, if i can find a way to import the XML file in word. I guess it will be easy.

Anyway, this will also answer my long curiosity about how much have i written here after all this time. How many words?

What i mean is that, really, really, it will be all right in the end.

I will not be giving this blog as much attention as i have had. I will be pursuing my ideas in all the paths available. But don’t worry, i’ll still have posts enough to maintain a monthly average of… what? 10? 11?

Anyways, i’m late, i’m posting that day 13 and it should have been 12 (i’ll fake the date, anyway…).


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