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I completely have a passive-aggressive relationship with Scott Adam’s blog, i hate the stupid (and selfish “no i will not share your links”) register to comment thing and he can be so obnoxious that his feed is always flipping from “HOGS” to “Philosophy” and back again (in Google Reader). But anyway i still keep reading it, do i not? Just to register a cool idea:

There are only two conditions in the universe: Programmed or random. In other words, action is either a simple chain of cause and effect, or it is somehow immune to cause and effect.

And he says: intelligence can’t be either. He sees it as a paradox. But i think it is a good definition of intelligence: whatever is neither random nor automatic. Obviously i could waste lots of your time with precise and subtle metaphysics about how the dichotomy between programmed VS random is illusory (are those two even related?), how freedom can’t be defined negatively by constraints, or any such rabble, but for now i will just register the interesting thought.

Intelligence is neither deterministic nor aleatory, but instead it is something between those two. It is a third possible state in this preliminary description of the world.


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