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§ Always ignore self-referencing discourses.

That could be a great aphorism, but that idea has a bigger reach than it might seem, so some clarification will make it more useful.

Imagine a guy dancing at a party, all “shaking that ass”, dancing in a “look i’m strongy-strongy”. All that inflatable muscles and those moves carefully calculated to show them. Well, no one can seriously believe that this guy does have a real-life use for all them muscles. He doesn’t lift weights to pay his bills. Then again, he does go to the gym every other day. So he probably is strong, but would be in difficulty if he had to use his strength. Bottom-line: you do not know anything about his strength. If you simply pretend you did not see his attempt at showing it, you are better off than both falling for his advertising or assuming it’s a lie outright.

Self-referencing discourses are very common, and many instances are vastly more subtle than that. But ignoring is a fairly sound policy almost without exception. So, whenever someone is talking about itself, ignore the saying.


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