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I said many times that the state of being happy is vastly taken for more than it is worth, but i forgot about sadness. Being sad is far more important than we seem to think.

When i was a small child, i used to be overtaken sometimes by a feeling that i can only describe as an enormous sadness. At those moments, i would look over the world and everything just seemed so meaningless. I felt like i was looking at the soul of the world and it was beautiful and blind.

I will probably spend my whole life trying to express that feeling, trying to convey it through drawing or text, and maybe i will never actually do it (so know this isn’t exactly the best description possible). I guess it is called oceanic feeling. But anyway those moments were so rich and important to me, they were a little secret, something i felt that no one else would ever feel.

Now that i am big and dumbed down by the stupidity of life, i can’t feel like that any more. I still get sad, i still wonder at the blindness of the world, but it is not the same feeling. Nevertheless, this deep sadness will be always with me, i will always remember it and know what it is, or was, and i am a greater person for it.

So, what i want to say is that, even if you should not ever try to feel sad or make yourself sad, for those are simply bad ideas, you should neither run away from sadness or fear it. And you should definitely not indulge yourself with flimsy contentment to the point you become shallow and dumb.

Heck, if i was in a more “objective” mood i could even find some pseudo-neurological reasons why feeling sad makes you-as-a-system more able and powerful.

So, when you feel sad, do that with heart. Allow your sorrows to be true. Allow your sadness to be as powerful as it must be. This makes you better.

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