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Scott Adams of Dilbert sez:

For the record, I don’t believe in ESP or magic. But I do believe our perceptions are interpretations of a reality that is too complex for a human brain to process. And so sometimes when your brain tries to incorporate an inconsistency into its interpretation, the result can look like magic. And if you tell me that isn’t just as good as actual magic, we could have a long discussion. It’s like the difference between thinking you are happy versus being happy. I call that a tie.

I would say he is pulling an Occam on the idea of Magic. But i feel i can pull an Occam on his Occam.

If instead of “a reality that is too complex for a human brain to process” we stand with “externality”, as in “something external” we get rid of such concepts as “complexity”, “processing”, and even “humanity” and “evaluation”. Simpler. Ergo, an Occam.

Cut to the crowds complaining that despite being simpler my explanation is not as good. The crowds moan and cringe.

But, yes, it is. Everything my explanation does not explain, the previous explanation did not also. It said “reality”, but qualified it as something that we cannot know. And to boot it did this clarification in such a muddy way that every once in a while you find some moron claiming such rubbish as that reality is mathematical or economic or whatever. Reality is just external. We do not know it, we know only what we perceive. And not what we perceive of reality, just what we perceive PERIOD.

As there is no one really taking any notice, i’ll just end by here. If you want to understand, you can by now, even if your first (or tenth) read was not obvious, but, guess what? i did reread things more than once to grasp them, why can’t you? (Yes, i am grumpy).


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