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§ The minute you accept the burden of thinking for the other — like when you try to nudge the stupid girl over at the real-state office into being just that little bit more clever — you are accepting representation (which is the root of all evils).

§ Being very intelligent is usually troublesome. The people who live with someone very intelligent, on the other hand, tend to reap ample benefits.

§ To have something means being able and willing to kill anyone who trespasses. Do you really think you own anything? And could you owm a person?

§ The power of evil is vastly overhyped, it’s myth survives mosty to appease the naive and shallow ethically-centered (read: excessively influenced by reward-punishment tutoring) self-images of a few men in power, who would prefer to maintain such foolishness to accepting their good fortunes to be, mostly, chance events.


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