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§ We are violence.

§ We are born of violence and we are born as violence.

§ All that we call good is violence and augmentation of violence.

§ We postpone violence to make more violence.

§ We grow for violence is growth, we die for death is the cycling of growth.

§ Caring and kindness and love and gentleness are redirections of violence. Comfort and riches and justice and fairness are masks for violence. Control and conscience and reason and appropriateness are refinements to violence.

§ Ambiguity is malice and malice is violence.

§ Pain is of violence, and for that we cannot say that pain is bad.

§ As we can diminish pain but not leave it, we must learn to feel pain.

§ Being comfortable is turning the appliance of violence into an habit and a formula.

§ Being moral is making the appliance of violence sharp, is the act of indisputable exclusion, the final non-acceptance.

§ The dream is the general form for the desire to exert violence.

§ And abstraction is the general form of violence.

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