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First of all you gotta realize that peace is not a good thing. Being non-aggressive by default is as dumb as being a bully. The correct order of values is courage and bravery, and after them, and based on them, understanding and compassion.

To be brave, to face your fears, to fight for what you believe, and to not be ashamed to believe in something, even being the only one to so do, those are beautiful things. They are a way of living that is worth in itself.

You have got to make beauty. In spite of anything else. You must be strongbeautiful. And you must force your strenghtbeauty in the world.

Cooperation is a form of violence. More-than-one acting as one to enhance the strenghtbeauty — beyond the limits of the individual.

Cooperation requires friendship, but it does not require the cessation of violence. You got to control and channel your aggression, you have got to make rules and protocols for it. But you can’t become comfortable or lenient.


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