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Yesterday, or the day before yesterday (it all seems to blur, sometimes) i met some people at the end of a electronic party, and they were great, they were gorgeous, and it was pure synchronicity, i am ashamed i didn’t try harder to let you all know how much, but it was so perfect to meet you there and then, maybe you’ll never see me again (i realy hope we do meet, though), i tried to remember her blog’s name, i wanted to ask her if she knows a poem called “The Ballad of the Reading Gaol”, i realy want to show the Baby a post i had planned just then, at the party, in between my unending dancing (i’ve danced something like 6 straight hours, counting only the times i was realy in), or maybe time warped and i wrote this after everything when you had already disappeared, those things take time and i will likely only have time to write it down in like a month or so, but i just wanted to say i love the three of you. I do.


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