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Couple days ago at 10 zen monkeys there was an interview with a guy who made a funny site about Obama and got lot’s of traffic. The interviewer asks whether or not the internet having a growing place at politics is a good thing. The answer goes:

Mat Honan: I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, because it leads to us not talking to each other as we once did. I think the more that we splinter into little groups, the worse it is for society as a whole. It becomes very easy for me to forget that there are people out there who have some political opinion that’s very different than my own, because I just don’t go to those web sites. I don’t know what people are talking about on Little Green Footballs today. I don’t know if it’s still around, and if it went away — I wouldn’t know.

And what i really do not know is: was it really that different before?

I do not think that, before the internet, people really cared about how the other people did think. As a general rule, i guess people are always just focused on their own little worlds, and i think it had always been like that.

The idea is that, if discussion happens through a site, there are few things that would force me to go there and read it. And that means, if the discussion happens “on the streets” i would be unable to block it. Even if things were like that: isn’t it a good thing that we have more privacy?

I don’t have to download the site of a candidate i dislike, but i also never had to go to his campaign headquarters. People do focus on their own, but i do not see how this is any different with or without the net.


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