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Become a Loser, NOW!

Really.My good friend Rhawbert from Nitrocorpz said once that being a loser rules. I guess there is a semantics error there somewhere, but as a recipe, it works. It just works.

Being a loser basically means you go out of the rat-race. You go out of the pecking order by the back door. If pecking on you is so damn easy and meaningless that anyone can do, basically, no one has an incentive to do it.

The other side of this tunnel — to go out by the “winner” side — it simply doesn’t exist. You are never done. You always have to win that one more meaningless competition.

It seems, it really seems that you are saying a big “Rape Me” to the world, but it is more like “ok, you already raped me, you’ve been already awful, so now you go your way and i’ll go mine”. It’s a big “Just leave me alone”. Or even, “i do not care, i really don’t”.

I’m reading right now an interview with one of the developers (or maybe the, i am not sure how this process works) of the Glori… er… Glasgow Haskell Compiler, GHC. And he’s got the most awesome quote ever:

As for the second, I don’t know if you know this, but Haskell has a sort of unofficial slogan: avoid success at all costs. I think I mentioned this at a talk I gave about Haskell a few years back and it’s become sort of a little saying. When you become too well known, or too widely used and too successful (and certainly being adopted by Microsoft means such a thing), suddenly you can’t change anything anymore. You get caught and spend ages talking about things that have nothing to do with the research side of things. ( Simon Peyton-Jones)

I guess it says it all.

So, come to the bad side of the fence, discard your illusions, say bie to all the world’s nonsense. Do it NOW!

Turn loser.


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