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My muse Olivia Judson (talk about hott) has a blog post about monogamy and what actually caught my eye was the idea of “social monogamy” — being monogamous for social purposes (e.g. raising children) but otherwise sexually promiscuous. She cites some examples of animals known to be socially monogamous and appends the list with “some humans”. But… really, are only some of the humans like that, or do we all still feel sexual pull towards other people when we are committed? I don’t know, i cannot but think that we should deal with the extra-conjugal relationships instead of prohibiting them. I think being social monogamous is cool. Even more if the couple do talk about it.



  1. I have say I share the sentiment of the first commentor on her article. I’m not sure that a “comittment pill” would simply solve our social problems, and even if it did I’m not sure that would be an ideal situation.

    Having said that I think that individuals vary tremendously in terms of whether or not they feel attracted to other people while in a committed relationship. And just because one feels a pull, does that mean one should act on it?

    I’m not necessarily against polygamy or even open sexual relationships, but the very fact that Judson thinks we should still be socially monogamous begs the question of which arrangement is actually better for society.

    This probably makes me sound more conservative than I am. :P

  2. Oh, yes, definitely biologists can be quite blunt sometimes, and dismissive of culture and a bit prescriptivist. But i guess she was just saying something like “girlfriends would not have reasons to complain any more”. I also do think the article is not good in terms of enlightening social relations, but it sure was cool about the biological side of things. And, after all, i just think she is hott hahahahahah.

    To second your sayings, baekho, i guess even single persons vary internally their interests outside relationships according to so many factors it is hardly worth an enumeration…

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