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I do not know how to translate this: baculejo. It means when the cops ransak you. Well, yesterday i’ve been “baculejado”. It was midnight and i was walking in some dark street and, to the other side of the street i saw a plastic bag floating around in the wind, turning, dancing, in front of a brick wall with gate, it was so American Beauty, i just had to stop and watch. Then the cops came, abused me, shouted at me, the usual, you know. Then one of them asked what i was doing there. And that is the funny part: what if i told them i was, like, remembering a scene in a movie? I figured that was not the moment to be sincere, right? I just told them i was tired and lost, supported their abuse some more and went away.


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  1. Aw man. That sucks. :-\ Cops can be such jerks.

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