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Match finding in a party is largely decided by pheromone compatibility, and pheromone compatibility is in turn strongly correlated to immunity allele collection. And this should be good news, because the person you tend to want is one with different alleles from yours who therefore should like you too!

So our theory goes that, most often than not, pure allele collection would find pairs that want each other, instead of one-sided heartbreak stories.

This should mean that if you try to learn to find those people you really like amongst the crowd — that girl you know no one else finds beautiful but you just have something for her anyway — then chances of “getting some” at the end of the night should increase greatly.

I should say, though, that none of this is proved science. Or maybe i should say that this is, mostly, bullshit. I mean, they have proof of the pheromone thing, they have a fairly solid argument for sex having much to do with allele diversification, and so on, but no self-respecting scientist would stand for this particular mix and match of the ideas. I just feel it fits.

And trying to discover who do you really like instead of who everyone else thinks you are supposed to like should make much good anyway.


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