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[logic=thought] is one of the worst translations ever — bringing along scary consequences!

In Greek, logos and also dia-logos means only talking. But there was a metaphor there that whoever talks also thinks, which i am very much certain even the most ancient Greeks took with a grain of salt. The same metaphor can be seen into Roman’s word for non-latin speakers, barbarus.

But this got lost in translation, and now we take “logic” for “correct thinking” or summat.

This is terrible! It reifies thinking.

It puts thinking into a pedestal where it becomes separated from life and useless.

You can see this mistake in the roots of the confusion between scientia and technology. You can see it in the forced distinction between theory and practice. Or between art and technique.

It produces in our culture a big fat bias that everything has simple answers and that what hasn’t should.

At last, it will make us think that every idea has already been thought and that if things are the way they are they could not be any other way.

Maybe i am being overly dramatic, but i am sincere in saying that this scares me.


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