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I’ve got so so so much to say, and instead i just keep spewing the same old truth-not-truth gibberish! Why?

But, seriously people, this is our 200th post! How come, huh? In guise of ‘celebration’ let’s go for gossip!

Yes, there are indeed lot’s of news from me, on the personal side. I’ve moved. One day i just realized i couldn’t waste one more week living with my family. It just didn’t make any sense anymore. And i just got myself a bus ticket. Two days latter, i arrived in Curitiba!

As usual, no, i do not have any plans. I do not know if this will work out in the end. And i am completely fine with it. I am completely fine not having a job (or perspectives), not having a house, not having a pet dog (count that twice!), not having a wife and not being on the kid-production enterprise right now.

It is amazing how much people just keep expecting you to repeat the old formulas.

I am living in a “Pensionato” (which calls itself a flat, but i have my doubts about this particular translation). Still lots of small stuff to go after, like buying a lock and adhesive tape, and i also guess i need better clothing and another blanket, but it’s going smooth now.

It all has had a reflection on the blog, too. Maybe my loyal readers did notice: many posts without tags or spell checking, for once. This is ‘couse i’ve been mostly posting in free wi-fi, usually with the Palm. You know it now: if you see a post without tags or categories, you can picture me in a mall somewhere drinking coffe and jabbing at my foldable keyboard.

(Also many of those posts receive slight corrections after the fact, which might be an inconvenience to many of you and i apologize in advance. This one, for instance, will get some links as soon as i go online…)

On the other hand, my weekly access count just keeps growing. Two months in a row with more than 600 hits! That pesky “icebreaker questions” post just keeps attracting readers like flies, but i fear that they will not find exactly what they were looking for. But whatever.

I might also be giving less attention to the blog now, as i try to focus on other projects. After all, this was the objective ot moving. But i cannot advance any details — after all, my plans do change according to the circumstances.


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