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I just now saw a book by the title of “amor em minúscula” (love in lowercase), from a certain Francesc Miralles, and i couldn’t help remembering Daniel‘s argument in defense of “lowercase truth“. Is it too anal to see a pattern there? For what it counts, please get me rid of anything in lowercase!!

And i don’t mean that in a “let’s live life to the fullest” sense. I just believe that watering down some idea to make it easier to swallow is just another name for shallowness.

If the impossibilities of this naive and ambiguous and terribly selfish idea of love that we get sold since birth just makes you miserable, make your own. But do not accept it in bits if the whole is bad for you. If the whole is bad the bits should be too. If you have any reason at all to believe otherwise, make sure it is a very good reason indeed.

In fact, what it seems, to me, is that people are shielding their beliefs with the simple protocol of ignoring anything that goes against it, no matter how blaring, and then pretending to be broad minded.

If you really want to be open, you have to acknowledge when a different idea conflicts with your beliefs.

If you just pretend to take the concepts (like love, but in lowercase, or truth, but in lowercase) what you really are doing is blinding yourself from your own mistakes. And that is a bad recipe.


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