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I do love those articles about Fernando Henrique Cardoso losing the election for admiting to be an atheist (or more precisely for not being able to readily admit to adore bog), and how it is a crime to be an atheist. Not that i am, exactly, one. I would prefer the label of anantropomorphist — i have a strong bias against any depiction of a god that possesses human characteristic. But anyway, i like to see anyone saying that a prejudice against atheism is as bad as race or gender prejudice. I just find it amusing.

On the other hand, i strongly despise the anti-religious campaign going on at the moment. The likes of Richard Dawkins, spitting flamboyant claims like “god is an illusion”. I am not sure if i should really argue against it, even that is more energy than they deserve.

Let me simply state that their campaign is foolish, and as rabid as the one they oppose.

Another thing that amuses me is the watchmaker argument (that if you find a watch in the desert you can assume there is an watchmaker). It is cunning, but let’s remember it isn’t a fair argument: we do not conceive of a watch in a neutral way, we already do know much more about watches than we do about the supposed god’s works. We knew watchmakers before we found the proverbial one at the desert.

What would we make of a watch we found on the desert if we had no concept of “watch” at all? Like, what does an lizard make of an watch he finds in a rock where he is sunbathing?

To understand the watchmaker metaphor (ergo to infer god from it) you need to have this particular idea of god beforehand.

It all should teach us that the universality of application of a concept is no hint of it’s value. Just because God explains everything does not make it a good explanation. Also, it does not make it a bad one, either.

But this confusion is very common — Newton’s phisics had over Galileo’s dynamics only two benefits: a better mathematical framework and the hubris to explain everything. And most commentators prised it for the wrong reason. So much so that his claim to creator of calculus was sometimes granted on the basis of his application.

Maybe this shows how much of a mystic Newton was.

All and all, one’s left wondering what’s lacking for the creation of an eco-religion, where »pollution« takes the place of catholic »sin«, universal scapegoat to repression, which ereryone does but everyone despises, so we all become miserable but tied.


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