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Since i am today beggining Shea and Wilson’s Illuminatus! Trilogy, it is just fitting that i share one little fact about the conspirations that i found out. It is this: they are impossible.

And we are talking basic cybernetics here. Any system that controls another system, in order to be effective, needs to be at least as complex as the controlled system.

So to make an Illumitattus order your forms of control need to be more sophisticated than society itself. Therefore either your organization have to be collectively unbelievably intelligent or everyone else have to be unbelievably dumb.

I know that the generalized ultra-dumbness theory sometimes has it’s appeal, but the maths just don’t work. The energy cost of this complexity inequality is so gross that with it you could effectivelly create another world instead of controling the old one.

This means that any … thing — group, cabal, religiouos order, machine, computer, ideology — that could rule the world could also do many other things, most of them vastly more interesting.

It is like that most ancient e-mail joke about santa claus (if he existed, he would have blown away in a ball of fire).

Believe that. Or die! Fnord.


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