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Right now (as part of the overall bit-scrubbing) i am hard-resetting my Palm. And the plan is NOT to have a backup, to force a fresh-start. And through the months my wandering musing has produced a huge amount of prototype-posts for the blog. The vast majority of them are just small tidbits that, in my insane mind, are descriptive enough to mean a whole bunch of stuff. Even though i am positively sure that almost none of them is even remotely understandable, my feeling is actually that the thoughts themselves are somehow too obvious, and that is what precludes me having the stamina of just sitting and developing each of those themes. I wish i had time enough for it. Actually, i wish i didn’t have three or four even more (at least in my opinion) brilliant thoughts than those while writing them down. One way or the other, as i am not gonna back them up, i’ll jsut dump them here.

  • Multicellular organisms cannot have evolved from colony-creatures — it is more likely that one single cell developed the breed-as-weapon strategy, creating siblings for specific purposes instead of being “full copies” and this in turn evolved to multicellular creatures.
  • Every proof must be an experience — not that you need to have lived exactly the issue-in-lack-of-proof, the experience doesn’t need to be a direct one, but it must be an experience none the less.
  • And that is why Authority-arguments are not so bad.
  • Mimesis or Mimicry?
  • Fiction is useful for it triggers “what would i do if?” style of brain-activity, which doesn’t happen easily on most people’s brains…
  • I think 2 new words are necessary to correctly talk about the way we live our lives: W-want and D-want. This means want-as-whim and want-as-will. They are two completely different things that happen to be confused all the time. Matrix 2 talks about this as choice and purpose.
  • What is a State-of-Mind? Is it just another calming concept (in the sense of Derrida?)
  • Many many people mistake intellectual discipline for justification. Justification is castling, when you keep finding excuses for everything you say or believe. It actually binds the person who overdoes it. Intellectual discipline is freeing.
  • Is it possible to understand an idea without any reference to it’s context? Without assuming one internal perspective? Without implicitly using the discipline’s own vocabulary?
  • Are there physical limits to invention? Yes, there are, obviously, but invention has always been about cheating those limits. What’s the barrier? This could have huge impact over our medium-term historical development.
  • Structuralism eases the transition from qualitative thought to quantitative.
  • A Key is needed: in culture there are some signs of the need of a code, una indicación-de-signo, and if this needs or not a code of itself. How can we produce such artefacts and what can we do with them?
  • Is knowledge a parametrization?
  • Is knowledge different from experience?
  • The woes of Drag-and-Drop: there must be something good about Direct Manipulation, but it certainly ain’t it’s “intuitiveness” — maybe lt’s the fact that it abolishes the “dialogue” idea…
  • Association is one amongst many forms of adjustment to circumstance.
  • Reinforcement tunnel: there are situations were you must insist for a long time on doing the “wrong thing” (& being penalized) before it get’s revealed that it was the right thing. Like flirting. But isn’t it shooting one’s own feet?
  • Merely being able to speak does not make you an oppinion emitter on a dialogue. In fact, being unable to hear the other diminishes the persuasion power of the emitter. And this is in direct contradiction with the media-power myth we are so used to propagating.
  • Charity is a fact (it does transfer resources to the poor) but it is a suplement and incomplete, while the constant flux of resorces to the rich is not. Charity is an afterthought to society, corruption is a priority.
  • There is no need to make a government or power acceptable. Human being will accept anything. The myth is for another reason…
  • Do you think life is worthwhile by/ of/ in itself, or do we need extra bonuses like pleasure or success or love in order to live?
  • Some cultures are just coutesan-cultures.
  • Both contemporary art and contemporary design seem to me filled (overfilled, to the brink, spilt) of puns. I have long been presented the concept that ‘design is the art of puns’. Savoy said. But i still do not know exactly what is the point of the joke.
  • People continuously deceive themselves that money (or Capitalism, the most illiterate prefer) creates automatically a meritocracy. But this actually is a very shallow reading. Meritocracies have always been stablished according to a design.
  • A rule can be just an operational principle.

Maybe those will someday see the light of day as full-featured posts. Maybe not. I am lazy, let’s face it. If anyone out there wants me to expand into any of the ideas, drop a comment.


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