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I have been preaching about truth, or more precisely why you shouldn’t believe in truth — in a soundbite, that there is no truth — but let me give you the one best reason for that.

If you come to the “there is no truth” camp, you will be able to not support the people who defend the same things you do defend if they are stupid! You hear me?

Like, you think economic liberalism is right, so you will support the morons who do not understand any of economics but wants to express his (misconception) that the government is wrong by repeating not-well-glued-together economic arguments, but, well, he is defending your arguments, so… You have to support him and be happy for someone be saying these things, right? He is stupid, he is dumb, he is not intelligent, but who cares? He is saying the truth! You got to support him!

But i don’t think so.

Stupid is stupid. This basic perception is more important that truth is truth. Way more. Let me repeat this: it is more important to be intelligent than to know the truth.

It not only is responsible to not support the morons, it is also a relief. Man, it is a weight lifted from my back! If it is stupid f#ck being truth!


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