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Is there anyone out there?

Are u locked inside your head?

Are u not?

Because, know, i am. I want u to know. I’ve been imprisioned here for all my life, and i do not have any reason to believe i’ll ever get out.

The bars of my windows have become my mind and my point of view.

And even then, my hope is not to escape. It is to reach you.

Everything i see is fed me by the same 2 eyes, everything i hear by the same 2 ears. I have no news but those selected by these limbs and organs that have come (by what means i could never be sure) to be attached to my head-cell. And still, if granted one wish, i would ask nothing but to reach you.

Just nod if you can hear me.

Locking me up does not take my worth and my dignity away — not if i do not pretend it is not happening. Not if i look my fate in it’s eyes!

And for that, for that, my friend, i have to reach you. For i am still the same in a cage, but i am not the same without the other, without what’s not me, without the outside. I am not the same without you.



  1. Is that a stupid post? Yes. But i feel it is needed. I really do. I am not imposing b#shit into you just to force my self-indulging style. I deeply feel that this condition i am (somehow indirectly) addressing here is one of the basal, inescapable, important facts of life. I think we are locked inside our minds. I could draw unending hypothesis about why or how, but the really, really important thing is to accept it, to acknowledge it, and deal with it. Deal with our own conditions. With the life we have. Now. And here. Look reality on the eyes. Face our fears. Per fas et nefas. Proudly and still lightly. And never, never blindly or self-illusioned.

  2. Not a stupid post at all.

    I am nodding madly at the moment.

    We all need to reach out to each other. I have spent most of my life locked inside my head. I am learning, finally, to move to my heart.

    Yes, we need to deal with our own conditions and look truth in the face.

    Well said.

  3. Thanks, Z., but do you really see where i am going? What i mean is, well, telepathy is not going to happen. We are never gonna be anything but ourselves. I am never gonna know you from the inside. Knowing you “with my heart” will still be a different way of being in my prison, it would only be a new window. Our attempts to reach out will always be basically failed, always partial, always just palliative. I don’t mean that it is not worth it, but it is not a solution or “right” or even pure. It is just me.

  4. In the eye of the tiger!

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