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What do THESE mean?

Stats for the blog

Those are the statistics for my blog in days, weeks and months. As you can see, a year ago i had a mean score of 100 page downloads per month, stable. Somewhere around July, i began to see a fairly steep increase, until in December we see a massive drop, when i did almost no post the whole month. After that, it seems i am getting to another plateau, around the 400 pageviews level.

Also notice a very big spike in the weekly chart, somewhere around February. It comes from the 27th, with 166 accesses, which is like half the accesses in the month in one day. That happened because someone put me on stumbleupon. It was cool (but my daily graphs turned to a flat line with one big spike for the duration of the month ;-).

Now, seeing the effect of a whole month without posts, i began to wonder what was the relation between post frequency and accesses. This led me to, in the past month, try and maintain a post a day. This began in March 25th. So, what do you think is the result of my experiment?

In the beginning, like from 3-31 to 4-10, i thought i saw a clear increase in accesses, with fluctuations but steady. Then after that, it turns to a plateau of 20 visits a day, or something like it. Now i doubt what these numbers mean.

I will have to admit that forcing myself to write every f* day is somewhat extenuating. I had some posts that were not as good as i would like to have made them. My normal flow of posts is in the level of 12 per month. I guess i can go to 15 or 16 a month without compromising anything, if i really set to it. But 12 is the usual.

Now that my experiment is over, i am back to not writing if i do not feel like it. And i am so much happier! But even if i do not think that posting quantity is directly related to accesses, i am guessing their regularity is. Then my new proposal is to have a schedule of a post every 2 or 3 days, and for that i will try to maintain more posts “on the oven”, trying to have many pending posts all the time, with a basic set spaced 5 days apart and another series interwoven in between them when i have enough scheduled posts to spare.

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