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Imagine you could add extra brain tissues at will to your own head? How would it feel?

It would be a difference in your very consciousness! I guess you could remember how you were on a upgrade, but on downgrades (like taking your enhance-a-brain to clean) you would only have a vague impression that something was different, but you couldn’t exactly put your finger in it.

I was thinking in something on the level of brain implants, Neuromancer-like. I mean, if you could plug circuitry in your brain to allow you to use your computer, the real killer app would be things to make you smarter — beginning from the insta-calculator but ending up in a expanded mind.

The thing is, it would be something on the level of a very potent drug. I mean, drugs can make you feel like you are more creative, but actually they do not make much difference to your brain, overall. Like caffeine, that makes you think faster, but you remain as intelligent as you were before. You can answer your test in less time, but you won’t get answers you wouldn’t without.

Now brain expansions would be the real trip! Gosh, obviously we are talking impossibly advanced technology here, it not only is interface between the brain and circuitry, but also to come up with any circuitry that could make a positive difference to the brain per se would be difficult. But just wonder…

But what is curious is: we are actually going through something much alike this. Our brains are in constant development all the time before we go 32 or something like it. I mean actual hardware expansion! Not only the neurons are making more connections, but the myelin is being laid down around our axons making all those electrical impulses go much faster.

Maybe we can’t actually perceive any difference because it takes so long. But just maybe we are not paying the correct attention…


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