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I’ve just come across it, but i wanted to say something. Some fellows that call themselves “Cumulus” (which i guess is like a kind of CONE worldwide, or in other words a counsel of many a design-school, and which probably ends up being a bunch of friends — this understood as a good thing) signed some days ago something called “Kyoto Design Declaration“. Cool detail: at the same spot that the kyoto protocol got official.

From my sleepy first read, i confess i find the tone overly vague. It doesn’t seem they are saying anything really new. And i definitely have criticised similar initiatives as too goody-goody. But i am happy enough with the content. It is basically a public statement that the world is changing and design has a hole in this and that this hole should be met “looking straight in it’s eyes”.

Details that i appreciate: that they explicitly aknowledge the effort is guided by a specific moral standard, that they focus on education, that they pay attention to social and cultural aspects of sustainability and not solely to ecology, and that they put the talk in terms of responsibility and accepting our part.


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