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My Palm has been called “big” today. But my foldable keyboard is 1.3 times the size of it.

We were discussing the possibility of the lego-mobile, a phone composed of many modules the user can mix according to the situation. For the night out, take only the speaker and have the equivalent of a pager. For the times you have to text a lot, add the thumb-board. If you plan on listenig MP3 add the storage part, and if you really has to show that last video someone mailed you, take the screen with you.

But the thing is, miniaturization bumped on the human frontier. We can’t make smaller mobiles because human fingers can’t be made smaller. The challenge is not making things smaller, but allowing people to use things so diminute.

I do not think that miniaturization is a bad thing, but i do think we need to see a bigger picture. Instead of finding ways to make thumb-boards usable, find ways to make them unecessary. Or ask why we actually need them. Or why texting is more convenient than simply talking. Or why the hell do we accept the havoc mobile phones cause in our lives. Why don’t we live without them?

This is a classic 42. We know the answer. We do not have the faintest idea what the question is.


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