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In the long process of evolution that lead to us humans (amongst many many other things), life’s organic goo has developed many violence-delivering tools. One of the most revolutionary was the dick. Here i am using dick in a somewhat generic form, you can swap it with vagina. I mean the sexual organs, or actually the act of sex. But the new kid in town is the Brain.

To understand how the dick is a violence-delivering tool, imagine you are playing Dune 2 (or any other so-called “strategy” game, like WarCraft or TA or whatnot, but Dune 2 is a better example for it was not yet finely tuned for fun). You can develop stronger and stronger units, but in the end nothing is as devastating as some 3 factories continuously building lots of your feeblest units constantly. The experience is unique (though those games can be very boring after a time).

Sex is somewhat like this. Strength by numbers. A reasonably controlled reproduction with a level of mutation (recombination) but not enough to make anything “experimental”. I do not want to advance a formula here, i just want to offer this example to appreciation.

So, sex is a violence-delivering mechanism.

And the brain is the next one.

More powerful, more cruel, more abstract. Versatile, creative, able to make “experimentalism” safe enough to be economically viable (that is, not a gamble). It serves to maim, wreck, cannibalize, steal, explore, enslave, torture, etc, etc. It can also do these things by using formulas and abstract ideas, but the end result of relativity was the H-Bomb, right? And sometimes the brain also works through softness and caring, but bear in mind that this is just a way to enhance the violence (via contrast).

And that is why the sexiest organ in the whole body is the brain.

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