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Ah! Ça ne serait pas mal, ah mon dieu
Si j’étais, c’est faux, je sais
entretenue par le monde
L’Ethiopie c’est ainsi
Le Subaquistan c’est ainsi… (by Pato Fu)

People are always worrying so much about surviving that they can’t see the basic fact of survival: we get it for free!

No one really has to work to survive. It is not a condition to live. It is not duty.

They say the World does not owe you a living. I guess it doesn’t, indeed, but nevertheless it provides us with all we need to live. More precisely, the sun does. The big, powerful, famous businessman does not make the air around him or the light that causes the plants to grow into food for him.

He does not, also, produce the car he lives in, or the money he uses to buy things, nor the culture that overvalues the superficial pleasures, this culture that is the only thing keeping him in a position of power and influence. Also, it is very inaccurate to say that he produces more than he uses. Or that his suffering (i.e. work) does compensate the world for the pleasure he enjoys in his leisure time. Or any such bu11shit.

The only thing in our direct lives that does indeed produce more energy than it uses is the sun. All life in Earth is indebted to it. Even if you are Alexander or Einstein you are still in debt with the sun. Actually, even if you are Beesus or Mohamidi, you are indebted. This simple fact cannot be avoided, no matter how much self-righteous “responsability” and “real world out there” talk you employ.

Now, obviously, some people (not many, though) dramatically change the “gift” they received from the world through something we might call work. People born miserable that become rich, or the few scientists who did really create some important breakthrough, or the politicians who are able to negotiate instead of only playing into people’s fears. None of those work in order to survive. What they do is change the Circumstance around them.

And also you can work and receive wage. No one ever got rich this way, but hey, it is your life. This path is certainly comfortable. It allows you to not wonder too much about what is around you. It allows you to maintain yourself in the same circle. When you are doing so, you are not being responsible or just, nor thinking about the next person in line, nor accepting life as it is. You are taking a path in life. One amongst many. One as good as the others.

It might even be a path that has a reasonable chance of directing in your direction a certain amount of financial surplus resources. If it does, and most people’s discourses about life imply that it is an important factor in their decisions, you will be able to impress on the girls the size of your …er… car, and on your friends the size of the …er… brains of the girl previously related. And this stupidity [shallowness] is to blame only on you.

We work to kick each other’s buts. We enjoy being mean and making others miserable. That’s why many feel that you have to work. Because, they believe, life is not worthwhile without the pissing contest.

Now to live and get to know different things and to be happy you don’t have to do anything.


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