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Today i’ll turn 28 ½.

If you did not get much news of my comings and goings, right now i’m in São Paulo. Three weeks ago i was in Lençóis (Chapada Diamantina), and then i went to Brasília, just for a couple of days, then São Lourenço (for the 50th year of Ararat Order commemoration), then i had to go to Belo Horizonte to solve some business about my father’s inheritance, and finally Sampa for a cousin’s wedding.

One of the things i noticed amongst all the traveling of the last few months (not to say that i have in any way traveled more than i used to in the years before it) is that i am less generous, and that this increases my unease of staying at people’s places. I think i am less curious about others, less interested in seeing life through their point of view. Not that i stopped liking people. I did not. I still love people, it is just not as intense as it was. And i also think this is temporary.

So, 28 ½. The dreaded Saturn Return is upon me. Actually, it goes exact only on November 16th (and as if it was not enough, next year it comes back regressed on February 15th and again on August 6th). More than one of my friends is paranoid about their own Saturn Returns. I guess i can say the mess has begun.

Nevertheless, i am still trying to focus on the idea that The Return can be a consolidating transit in case you are “doing what you should be doing”. Or something like it.

One of the side-effects of going to São Lourenço was rekindling my interest on astrology. Lot’s of conversations with Libby and her amazing astrology library, together with some major transits fastly approaching us, all of this came together and i am another astro-freak! Can’t stop analyzing my transits report.

Another thing, but this actually became clear to me for some time now, is how much i miss a girlfriend right now.

But, overall, i’m comfortable being near 30. Or near 29. I am even comfortable looking like 17 (i know this has been an exaggeration, but i swear to you i heard it!) I am comfortable having no plans whatsoever for my future. I am comfortable not having a job. I think everything will be alright. Even during the End of Times (which is near, is it not?).



  1. From your philosophy musings, I had the impression that you were quite reflective. So why the astrology? How is it possible to not dismiss it as unfounded superstition?

    I’m open-minded, and can see ways to justify superstition. But I’m curious of your reflections on this.

  2. Astrology? Reflective? I do not see why those should be incompatible. I also guess there should be lots and lots of different approaches that even a science-freak could take on astro-things. For example, you could study it as you would study an ancient religion, antropology style. Or you could extract the geometrical aspect of it, or maybe the naive psychology. As for my personal take on it, i have a long, digressing post that will expose it, amongst many other things, so i’ll have to keep you curious.

  3. Also, bear in mind that i do not guarantee any hard or respectable content in the “CONFESSIONS” posts ;-)

  4. I’m looking forward to that post. It’s an interesting topic (that is, superstition in general — I don’t know anything about astrology).

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