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It is extremely easy for people to combine new tenets to their lives, even when those are in direct conflict with another part of their creeds. Thus the Puritan old lady can encourage her young grandsons to to go flirting at the same time that she reads her sex-forbidding Bible.

It is like people don’t care for the internal structure of their creeds.

Maybe the issue with beliefs is the amount of modes of behavior owned. Maybe there is no need for a system, complete and coherent. It might be just a repertoire. As if Beliefs do seem to be firmly tied to a stance or judgment about the world, but this link is illusory.

Or else maybe tenets are just used to fill voids in peoples lives where they don’t know what to do. Or even maybe people just lack the discrimination.

Yeah, i know there is much pointing to people just being dumb…



  1. There are very few people that actually believe anything at all. Most people just pose to reap social benefits.

  2. Actually, what i really meant by “believe” was not “possessing true faith”, but rather something as “possessing tenets that serve as basic world-processing means”. In this sense, everyone has beliefs. I guess you really have to show belief in many social circumstances, it tends to become a complicated game of pose and counter-pose, and i understand that this might trigger my impression that people’s beliefs are contradictory, but still i think that even for the privately held beliefs consistency is unneeded.

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