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As you probably noticed already i gave up on Hemingway, my previous theme.

I love Hemingway, but it was having unsolvable problems with IE, even the last versions, and it was pissing me off. The three columns on the bottom-bar kept being flown to two+one, that is the third column would appear below the first two. ChaosTheory, the new theme, manages to also have the equivalent of a bottom-bar, so i maintain some of the previous style, both in general layout and colors.

I still did not find the time and money to develop my own custom theme, unhappily. But i am pretty much satisfied with this one, for the time being. The category pages have become much, much better. They can now work as separate blogs, that is, if you only want to read about design, you can read the design cat page. That had always been my grudge with Hemingway.

With the new theme i have to use a thing called “more tag” which is a manual break so that on the front page of the blog only the first lines of the post appear outside the post page. The catch is, i am having to edit the previous post. Unhapilly the theme does not respect the “optional excerpt”, so that the posts i had cared enough to make it are not working either… But it forces me to start all the posts with a bang, and i guess it’s ok.

What do y’all think of it? Is there anyone out there who does not hate the dark background?


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