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Better ways to start a conversation than “what do you work with?”. Better ways to get to know the person. Better ways to explore her relation with the world.

  • “What is the center of your beliefs?”
  • “What was the biggest pain you ever felt?”
  • “Describe your first sexual feeling towards a person”
  • “What book has changed your life?”
  • “When did you feel like a tiny litlle insignificant part of the universe?”
  • “What is the bottom of the moral scale?”
  • “What eases your mind when you are afraid?”
  • “Who on your family did you want to be different from?”
  • “What do you rely on?”
  • “Relate me a childhood memory — one where you cried, or lied, or failed.”

But what matters is “How does she react when posed those questions?”


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  1. Hello. This post receives something like 4/5 of my total visitors. I hope it is of any value to you.

    Unhappily, i guess maybe the rest of the blog has not much in common with it. So i guess i became afraid of disappointing and tried to group all the posts that could have anything in common to this one into an “category”: RELATIONSHIP ADVICE.

    Anyway, hope you liked!

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