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Do you wanna change the world? Gotta keep some things in mind, first.

You are an enemy of the people you love. You want to make the World a Better Place, supposedly for the ones you love. This means that you want the world to be a different thing. This means change, and people do not like change. They simply don’t. Keep that in mind.

Another matter: peoples’ conscience is not a reliable tool. To convince people that the Revolution is Good-for-Them, while possible, usually backslashes. People avoid taking responsibility for their lives for the same reason that you try to turn off the lights before leaving the room (and they usually do remember to turn off conscience, unlike lights, for it uses more energy).

It’s no wonder, as an example, that the French Revolution had to end up in the Terror, for it is already bad enough to try and force people to take responsibility for their own lives, those Revolutionaries wanted them to take responsibility for the world around them, with all this “Democracy” talk.

In the slight chance that you succeed in your schemes, you still got to be clear about this: even if you can create a new world (even slighter chance), you definitely can’t create a better one.

The acceptable reason is that all moral judgments (as which is “better” and which “worse”) belong to the world, so that changing it you invalidate the comparison. But there is a cruder explanation. Affability and caring are just refinements of violence, are just better ways to make it hurt: a contrast to make the pain more vivid. The most social animals are also the most vicious.

Finally, to change the world, your new one has not only to be the one you would like to choose between the two, it has to be the one able to crush the other. It can’t even be a tie, without the problems. A tie would be crushed by the older because it would have the advantage of habit. Your new world has to kick arse.


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