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A great deal of the arguments of those people who oppose the Market™ and the Consumption™ are actually reinforcing it’s power over our lives. It is a kind of argument that pictures the world and the culture as victims of the Market™.

In this kind of reasoning the Market™ forces everyone to prostitution. It is some kind of evil and pernicious influence that seduces everyone into the despicable but unavoidable act of “selling oneself”.

Now the relationship between the person and the world around him, instead of being rich and complex, is simplified between [true to oneself] and [sold out]. All the intricacies are gone. Also, the responsibility for adapting to the world and making your ideas and deeds important to the other people (and understanding them) is not on the subject anymore. It is the Market™ that doesn’t understand. It is the Market™ that doesn’t want things “the way they should be”.

And what’s more dangerous: once you start thinking in this way you cannot think any other way. First of all because it makes you look better, it makes it easy to say that “it’s not your fault”. But also because anti-consumerism instead of proposing a method of analysis, a formula for understanding, proposes a moral hierarchy. Even if you try to apply another form of analysis it will be tainted by the moral judgments of anti-consumerism. (And let’s not even talk about confirmation bias…)

Finally, this victimist thinking fulfills it’s own prophecies. A person who thinks like that will overvalue his so-called non-commercial ideas, thus making them more idiosyncratic, and will avoid criticism which could help him understand better, and generally make his “sold out” ideas more open.


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