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1§ Traps to be avoided

  • myths of lost paradise
  • temptation of sole causes
  • rigidity of polarization

2§ Being right and being in charge are two different things. And two different things cannot ocupy the same space at the same time. It does not mean that if you are calling the shots you will be wrong, it just means that you will not be right. Just two different things.

3§ Also, being right is cool, but it doesn’t matter.

4§ Power is not Energy, Power is Control.

5§ Acording to their distribution in time, the correlation between beliefs and experiences is that beliefs come first.

6§ Striving to achieve perfection is inability to correctly understand the error margins.

[Third batch]


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    […] superstition is a Belief that is not backed by objective evidence or concrete data. But, as i said, beliefs come before experiences. That is, you can test your beliefs, but this does not make them UN-superstitious or concrete or […]

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