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Earning money is easy.

Most people do not agree with this, but what they do think of as “earning money” is actually more on par with “earning more money than your neighbor”. Let me clarify.

Money is generally a token of labor-activity than is swappable for goods and services. It is a social accounting system which controls who gets what amongst the muitude of things and energy that society as a whole possesses. More clearly: money governs how things are distributed amongst people.

To have money is like having a right to some things. Earning money is earning the right to have one’s needs and whims taken care of by society. The right to be fed, to have a shelter against bad wheather, the right to amuse yourself doing stupid things, to collect useless stuff and so on.

Well, it is not so difficult to achieve those rights. Our society is remarkably efficient in making those tokens —  money — available to people. So much so that we are feeding more people than we ever did. Earning money is easy.

What is difficult is earning more money than your peers. To be able to, for example, buy an expensive car or living on a luxurious apartment, or go to the best parties with the best drugs.

To earn money you have to be able to beat the material circumstances around you. The human organism is remarkably capable of doing so. But to earn more money than your peers you have to beat them, and the very fact that we have become best at beating our environment makes it harder to beat one another.


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