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Yesterday i went to a party called “Enquanto isso na Sala de Justiça” dressed up as Too Much Coffee Man. And i did realize some things, so… on to another “CONFESSIONS” post!

First thing is, i always wanted to be funny, but i do not want to be an easy joke. Or maybe i just can’t. And anyways, even if people almost never laugh at my jokes, it just makes the few times it happens so wonderful. [If Bruna ever comes to read this, this is an open declaration of love!]

But, obviously, only one person did know TMCM. [If Jarbas ever comes to read this, this too] But almost everyone else thought it was Chapolim. And this is so predictable, but has anyone thought about the reason why?

After all, if half of the heroes that do not use the Red-Blue color combo use the Red-Yellow one. It is a lot of people. You have from Flash to Flash Gordon (not the original, though), from Iron Man to Captain Marvel, but the thing is: Chapolim has the right balance to become an completely obvious choice of costume: a bit self-debasing to avoid being overconfident, but at the same time known to be on the winning side always, and most of all, this cult-status based on the campy-ness of the series.

Also, if anyone is still wondering, yes, Recife is being completely awesome, and there is a reason why the I-Ching (about coming here despite all the other plans) says 64: before completion. “Everything is out of it’s place, but the transition to order is prepared”.

And i danced from 22h to 5h the other day and i was not yet tired, not realy.



  1. hahaha.. imagino tua cara toda vez que alguém dizia que era o chapolim..
    eu quero ver fotos!! :)

  2. eu juro que me esforcei ao máximo pra ser gentil quando isso acontecia… se eu estivesse bebendo uma xícara de café a metáfora ficaria mais fácil…

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