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But if everything is just an experience, how do you explain the lamp, which does indeed turn on when you flip the switch? I mean, if ideas are just subjective, how do they interfere with the world? And still most important: if ideas are just experiences, why aren’t all ideas just as valid? Why the “Relativity” idea of Einstein is more powerful than my own idea that cars should not have metallic colors?

For no matter how intricate an explanation you come up with, any thing that works as a “world”, as “Reality”, which is an arbiter of what ideas are “true” or “false”, or “work” and “don’t work”, any thing will be an dogma.

But even then, i still feel it is important to stress out that the correct order is Reality-Man-Ideas, and NOT Reality-Ideas-Man. That is, an idea is true in as much as it forces you to have so and so behavior and this behavior always comes up with the same result. But the behavior is more “real” than the idea.

This seems obvious, but we are not used to live according to this basic assumption. We do follow ideas for their own sake.

For example, we think that a “Democratic” government is better than a “Despotic” one, no matter what. And we put our votes on the candidate we believe to be more democratic, even if he is dumber! And we despise Coca-Cola for it is “Consumerist”. And we are constantly changing our behavior following the labels we put on things.

But the labels are supposed to be a consequence of our beliefs, and not the other way around!

And when you say that, even then, the Theory-of-Relativity is true, for all practical purposes, you are maintaining this bias-toward-labels.


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