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It would make a deeper change in the world if you could teach people to be a better lay than if you could teach those same people the meaning of existence.

Maybe this one is more of a belief [gut-belief] than a real argument, but anyway…

The thing is, thinking is just a part of life and it does not matter if it cant help you out getting laid. And also, most people’s primary perception of life is through their feelings and sentimentality. So an idea-string that could make people able to deal with their own feelings would mend a nastier cut than comprehension of the universe.

Ideas do not exist by themselves. An idea is an act, performed by a concrete, breathing, living (and sadly most often than not good-sex deprived) person. So, every idea is intermingled with petty and rich experiences. Improving the experience makes more sense than improving the idea-constructs.


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