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[i do not exactly believe it, nor exactly disbelieve, so i can’t take my own advice]

If we are about to live eco-problems in grand scale there is an opportunity for anyone who wants to make the world better: the ECODAMAGE CONTROL INC.

The idea is a company which specializes in fixing up ecological screwups. Draining oil of big sea spills, cleaning up poisoning of the soil by pesticides, reverting desertification of agriculturable lands, organizing reforestation with local plants, and so on. It is not prevention, it is remediation.

The thing is that prevention, despite being a better solution for the eco-problems, requires conscience and agreement, things that will only happen in grand scale when calamity begins.

On the other hand, there are strong incentives to perform palliative action for otherwise uncaring government agencies or large enterprises.

Now our company will give those reckless agents a way to seem caring and knowledgeable about ecology. At the same time it will be reverting large sums of money (the best is EXPENSIVE) to good use and, very important, make ecologically minded people active in the economic world (as opposed to an marginal department inside the industries). As a side effect, the actions most likely to call for our employment are also the ones that will generate publicity by themselves.

Although yes, it makes ecology seem to be just another commodity, it also provides a way to turn ecology into an active fight.

Obviously, i don’t mean any of this as a way to make money, it is a way to generate action in the right direction. The revenues of the company are to be reverted into creative research and publicity, both vital for the business and to the ecology. We will be creating a situation where ecology is no longer a matter of consciousness, but of power.


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