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You shall rely in yourself.

You might rely on your God. Or you might not. You might rely on your momma, or you might not. And so on for your family, your government, your philosophers, your money. Rely on them or not.

But it is important that you shall rely on yourself at all times.

As you have no guarantee that you are perfect, to accept reliance in yourself requires that you accept the possibility of failure. And it is the possibility of death.

Say to yourself: i am the guarantee. I am the last resort. I’ll do my best now and here. Werever that path leads will be worth it, because i make it so, now,  by my existence.

It is impossible to describe the feeling. Can’t teach it. You need to show it to yourself. Alone.

There are some experiences that are usefull. Sailing by yourself. Achieving a new degree in martial arts. Living solo. Traveling on your own.

But allways: on your own.

It is not that hard. But it wont happen if you don’t make it.


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