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Well i just came back from Universo Paralello. Six days of electronic music, nonstop. Just loved it. I’m tanned, full of bruises and with a cut in my right foot.

Nevertheless, i had my grudges with the so called trance-culture. No, dreadlocks are not the only hair style that look good, and no, i am not going to make dreadlocks on my own hair. Please stop asking! Also, if i wear the “bloco dos tigres” t-shirt you do not have anything at all to do with it. It was the only one not hurting my skin burns. Dammit prejudice at odds.

And more seriously: their use of Hinduist images is criminal. Even if the Hare-Krishnas do not think it is a bad thing to expose paintings of Shiva in a dancefloor, it is. And the reason is: it is taking those images out of the sacred and into the marketplace. It dries the image of any religious value, and this is the most disrespectful act possible against a culture.

But i so love the music.

Anyway, today is the anniversary plus one month of this blog. Also, last month marks the first time my monthly amount of readers diminished.

One month ago, out of some experiences living at my mother’s farm, i started a sort of new phase of this blog, with what might be called the “in which series” of posts. In those i was somehow laying out some foundations of my thinking, or trying to put down into posts my own framework for understanding the world.

But now i realize i was being too serious, too single minded maybe. Some of it was due to restricted internet access at the farm, some to restricted social interactions. I will try to lighten up a bit, with more assorted posts, with more posts on design, and with the “aphorisms” post becoming a series. Not that the “in which” ones will go away, i still have to dig some at that.

In the last few months, writing this blog made me realize that at many times i have more pleasure writing philosophy than design theory, and this has had a profound impact on my short-term goals in life.

Right now, i am in Aracaju, visiting a much cherished and bright and beautyful friend. I have no plans and i am taking some time to feel life instead of comprehending it. I am on my trip-mood. And i am happy.

See ya, and tanks you all who read this blog.


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