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If i was to live in a civil war, i believe i would be a pretty decent commander. I’m never a too good tactician, but i dig strategies. That means that by myself i do not amount to much, i know. But when people need finding new ways to live together i can be of help.

In fact, for a time i actually did believe that our society was very much likely to get to a point where changes would be needed in such a large scale that some form of war would come.

I still think that deep changes in our lives and societies are needed, and i am still amazed by the dimension of such changes. But i do not believe anymore that a war is the consequence.

And this is because i think we do not know where we are going to.

Wars are good to break old prejudices, but they are not good to explore alternative conceptions of the world. Wars tend to focus on the tactic — how to survive, here and now. But i feel we need strategy — to imagine ways of living that did not happen before now.

That is why i made this blog. Kinda.

And today the blog reaches one year. It has been a very irregular posting schedule, but i can say that i am not yet ashamed of almost everything i wrote here.

Those are somewhere close to 45 thousand words. And counting with this one, 90 articles. And, despite everything, the amount of page views continues to grow steadily, if not fastly.

For anyone who ever accesses this little effort of mine, a big THANKS.

And to finish off with a questionable quote: “Let’s go, let’s go overground/ Take your head out of the mud baby/ She’s gonna dream up/ The world she wants to live in/ She’s gonna dream out loud, Dream out loud”.


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