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I fell into a LSD cauldron when i was a kid and the effects have become permanent.That’s why when i use drugs i just feel myself different, not crazier, not less worried, just different. And it gets boring pretty fast.

I used to say that, but, seriously, now i think we are all constantly delusional. I think most of the best features of mankind are delusions. Conscience, for example. I think conscience is a sort of chemical unbalance in the brain, which by the way we train our babies to provoke in themselves, which causes us to believe in something we call “awareness” or “soul” or “identity”.

I think the brain is basically a huge, complex, sophisticated, powerful drug-producing facility.

And one can teach oneself to produce best or worse drugs. Like happiness, for example. This one is a very good one.



  1. I came across this accidentally and I think it’s the best think I came across in some time! Well done!

    Can I paste it in my blog? I will reference you off course.

    spam dot ma dot trap at gmail dot com

  2. No, seriously, my brain does not work like anyone else’s. Or at least noone i know…

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