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Politicians in Brazil do have power.

They have a lot of influence over how things get done, over how people live life. They also have huge sums of money (that is, energy) at their disposal.

But they lack star-like recognition. They are not as famous as TV network Globo’s actors . And in the last decades Globo’s actors (aka “global” actors) did become extremely relevant.

My supposition is as follows: at some point some of them thought — “we wanna be pop stars” — and consulting some PR-marketing specialist they came to the conclusion that the best path was playing the villain.

Put simply: the many many “scandals” and “exposures” of lewd politicians we are getting used to do not result of investigation or of a moralizing initiative. Quite the contrary. They are just part of the game.

Obviously, i am not denouncing anyone. To tell the truth i not even believe in this.

But i do think that my hypothesis makes a far better description of reality than the cheap moralism of your average anti-government newspaper.


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