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I don’t really believe, but if someone out there has me on rss probably saw yesterday a “test” post. If so, my appy-polly-logies… I did it after many failed attempts of configuring a blogging proggie on my palm, at the time i was pretty much convinced it was not going to happen.

So, yes, i have got a palm. It consumes all my time, i can’t stop playing with it. Even if it made me 4x + productive, this new-toy would still count as a resource hog on account of the unending hours i spend tweaking and configuring and installing and uninstalling and reading about and searching good freewares and testing and practicing graffitti2 and…

Nevertheless, it is so much fun i probably could convince myself to buy it even if it had no use whatsoever…

But really, the Palm is a most interesting machine. At heart it is a small computer as anyone else, but it’s approach is SO interesting!

Every program on a palm resides permanently on the memory. Running a program means only passing control to it, there is no “loading” involved. This obviously means that memory in the palm is very valuable, you’ll not want any program that is not really useful taking up your precious few meg of ram. But it also means that the progs you DO choose to have are always ready for you.

It also means that the palm never turns off. It does, actually, but as the memory is permanent turning it on and off is like opening and closing a book. You don’t wait for some “boot” process. The thing is just there for you.

Even the enhanced concern the user is forced to have with his memory is in the end a healthy thing!

You might be wondering if someone paid me for the propaganda, but really, what i mean to show here is how much a fresh set of assumptions can be useful for computing. A LOT of what currently sucks about computers could be irrelevant if someone had the guts of thinking things differently…

Examples that come to mind because i am using a Palm:

  • the idea of a “cursor” that is always visible and used to “perform actions” on a screen is a sorry hack and should be at the top of the list of things to be scrapped – the stilus is no panacea, though
  • the filesystem on the palm is hardly visible in day-to-day usage, and even though at first i thought this would be one of the pains of the palm it actually is a comfort
  • being “familiar” does not matter, if you can be simple and understandable and useful it is all good — see all the unneeded 3D in leopard

Obviously, the Palm is also full of suckiness (i am particularly annoyed by the sync process), but for now i am just so pleased with my new toy…

It seems handhelds are history, now, universally overtaken by beefed-up mobiles, but let me register here my sorrow for this.

(This was written in the standard MemoPad, transfered via multiple copy-pastes, posted with vagablog — after many failed attempts with plogit — but i admit i had to log into wordpress in my computer to set the categories for the post, even though vagablog has a place to enter them…)


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