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I was talking the other day about Lost with my Austrian friend, and i guess i sounded a little cryptic about my predictions of what would happen in the fourth season, so here are some thoughts.

In the next season there will be mostly (though not only) flash-forwards.

With the “it was a mistake, we have to go back” line from our very Jack Shepard, i guess some will be thinking that the 815 survivors will be getting out of the island in no time. I other words: that they will be rescued like in the first episode of season 4. I don’t think so.

First of all, nothing happens this fast in Lost. Literary reasons:

  • There are still too many unanswered questions before they really get to find the boat.
  • That is, we viewers still need the explanation of why it was a mistake to do what they have been trying to do since the first season (to leave the island).
  • Naomi’s party seem to be very important to the whole shebang (more on that soon), so i believe their introduction into the story will be as complex as the one the Hostiles had including in the end flashes of the main characters.

But there are also in-story reasons why the next season cannot simply begin with they in the outside world, or getting there by the second or third episode:

  • The Hostiles have failed to impede the use of the satellite phone, but they are sure to still have some tricks to try before they allow their enemy’s boat to simply dock at the island.
  • Even if they can avoid everything the Hostiles do, Naomi’s friends will not want to leave the island so fast, as they have been trying for so long to find it.
  • Also, it might happen that even knowing where to go it is a difficult trip to get in the island — Juliet had to be tied in her arrival because “it gets bumpy at the end”.
  • Finally, and that is just a wish, i still hope Penny will pull some of her own stunts before it all is said and done.

So, i guess the next season will still be on-island, and i guess instead of flashbacks we will be having flash-forwards all the way (or almost). But what else?

I guess the next season will revolve strongly around Naomi’s party. Every season had a main focus of “discoveries” for the 815-Survivors. The first season was the mysteries of the island itself, then in the second it was the Dharma Initiative, and in the third it was the Hostiles (shall we call them “Kharma Initiative”, that being the classical opposition in Indian culture, Dharma vs. Kharma?).

The problem with that is it breaks the overall system of oppositions in the mythology we had until now. For if there is a group that is searching for the island, they shall be a third, neither Kharma nor Dharma. As i really do not believe this one will happen, that the producers will give up on the whole duality stuff, i do think the boat will belong to something related to the deceased Dharma Initiative. Most probably the original sponsors of Dharma and the Hanso Foundation, maybe even Alvar Hanso himself, having been recently freed as in the Lost Experience. I also think this will have something to do with the Paik Industries and Widmore Corporation.

Furthermore, i think Benjamin Linus will be a good guy at the end, i think Juliet is a mole, but in this mindfuck kind of way that the Survivors are supposed to unmask her in order to not know what the hell she is doing.

But now, really, Charlie’s death was completely idiotic. He wanted to die? He was able to swim down to the station but he was unable to swim up to the surface? Completely unbelievable. Obviously he would be unable to fight the water-flux while the chamber he was in got filled up, but once it was filled he only needed to swim, helped by his own buoyancy! And also, he had air during the filling of the chamber, he might be heavy-breathing in order to prepare for it! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

(Though, looking at the bright side of things, i hated Charlie, i found him extremely predictable and immature, and since we will be having Michael back for the next season, one stupid character is enough…)

And, Hurley, i really like you, but driving straight up into someone like you did to kill the Hostile at the beach would never, ever work, anyone with a mind would have jumped to the side!

To wrap up, if the fourth series really comes to deal with whatever corresponds to “Dharma in the outside world”, and there will be 6 seasons total, then most probably the 5th season will deal with “Kharma in the outside world”, or whatever it is that sponsors the Hostiles. And the last season will again turn to the island and reveal it’s mysteries (like the 4-fingered statue and the Monster and the whispers).

Finally, and this is a guess for the last season, i believe that “Adan and Eve” are actually Jack and Kate after having returned on time to save all of humanity.

Then again, those are just guesses.


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  1. The part of flash-forwards was right, let’s see how things progress…

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