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I’ve just come across the most interesting article, by an author i until now had never heard of, but whom now i consider a crime to have never heard of, seeing that maybe he is a precursor even of the Illuminatus trilogy and VALIS, anyway, a certain Thomas Pynchon. His article (which i have not entirely checked for authenticity) is called “Is it OK to be a Luddite?

Anyways, his article, while dealing mostly with things dating circa the 1700’s, manages to cast a very, very interesting light on our present dealings with technology. My unsuccessful summarizing attempt would go something like that: the rage against the machine never comes from feeling different from the machine, but from recognizing the machine in ourselves, and maybe, from loving in ourselves more the machine than what we (erroneously) suppose is the non-machine in ourselves.

Into our age that uses the age-of-technology (or any variations of) self-attributed epitaph it becomes a very easy and very dangerous trap to believe in this dichotomy of MAN versus MACHINE. But obviously we are as much machine as anything else. The line is drawn too eagerly. It serves purposes we are not aware of.

Technology is neither:

  • source of all evils
  • source of everything of good we now have
  • something we might ignore most of the time

And still, we keep on going, we keep unable (and uncaring) to explain it, to grasp it with our dreams. That is a recipe for allowing our fears and prejudices to manage our world in the long term.


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